The 2018 Brand Manifesto!



By Tabani Moyo

The curtains of 2017 touched down in a dramatic fashion through the military stampeding of former president Mugabe out of office and replacing him with their candidate of choice through a coup. Euphoria engulfed the country as the international community and the army attempted to brand the coup, a people’s coup! In addition, the new elite was quick to consolidate its grip of power by weeping emotions of the generality of citizens through its “New Dawn! New Era!” mantra.

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Zimbabwe’s reputation management crisis!

reputation-management - THE COVER

By Tabani Moyo

It is now a reality that the bulk of the countries, organisations, entities and persons are struggling with management of their respective reputations. This is due to the sad fact that the bulk of these establishments confuse image for reputation. In return, their entire strategy and value proposition is geared towards managing image instead of reputation. This is true for Zimbabwe as a country, which has seen the primitive and gluttonous squander of the national reputation with reckless abandon.

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Marketing Strategy and Brand Success!​

Marketing Strategy cover

By Tabani Moyo

Last week, I checked in at the Lees Hotel in Masvingo for a business trip. What a mistake it turned out to be! In booking for accommodation and conference facilities, I had relied on the last experience I had in 2015. Back then, the hotel was on top of the hoteling industry in the ancient city. When the hotel was launched around 2010, it was the game changer in the hotel industry in Masvingo. It was strategically located, less than 2km from the Central Business District (CBD), away from the traffic noise and other vices that come with locations in the CBD.

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DSTV, Its No longer business unusual!

Retention cover

By Tabani Moyo

I read the story carried in the NewsDay of 11 August 2017 with gratitude as it beamed the headline “Government licenses Masiyiwa’s Kwese TV”. This will surely go a long way in creating the much-needed competition in the television-broadcasting sector, which we all yearn for. We are highly likely to see a reconfiguration of the forces of competition, especially to Multichoice, the owners of DSTV as they respond to the new entrant.

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Managing Corporate Reputation in the Digital Age!

reputation-management - THE COVER.jpg


By Tabani Moyo

In discussing the complex subject of corporate reputation management in the digital age, one is tempted to list a number of brands that have failed beyond measure to manage their respective reputations online. However, due to space constraints, I will confine myself to a few of them.

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Brand management & the transgressions of Zim politics!

everyvote counts

By Tabani Moyo

There is something abnormal with our politics in Zimbabwe and the various brands that define its architecture. With all the indicators pointing to Zimbabwe as a fragmented state that has failed to perform the basic requirements to its people. On the other hand, the electorate seemingly retired from active participation, for those who traditionally supported the opposition, while those backing the ruling party are adamant that their party will scale to victory come 2018.

Crisis riddled societies like ours should naturally be mobilized for the ballot to direct politicians on the Zimbabwe that they want rather than the disenfranchisement on the part of the urban dwellers and continued disillusionment for the bulk of the rural constituencies.The majority of the urbanites are tired of routine politics, led by career opposition leaders and wait for a change to the political narrative and scope of societal configuration.

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Customer Experience & its challenges

customer experience the cover

By Tabani Moyo

A couple of weeks ago I received overwhelming responses, the bulk of which called upon this platform to further define the subject of customer experience and why it has become a buzz word in 21st century brand management. It then occurred to me that I had taken it for granted that the concept is now universally understood and accepted as the bloodline for brand sustainable existence.

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