Managing Corporate Reputation in the Digital Age!

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By Tabani Moyo

In discussing the complex subject of corporate reputation management in the digital age, one is tempted to list a number of brands that have failed beyond measure to manage their respective reputations online. However, due to space constraints, I will confine myself to a few of them.

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Brand management & the transgressions of Zim politics!

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By Tabani Moyo

There is something abnormal with our politics in Zimbabwe and the various brands that define its architecture. With all the indicators pointing to Zimbabwe as a fragmented state that has failed to perform the basic requirements to its people. On the other hand, the electorate seemingly retired from active participation, for those who traditionally supported the opposition, while those backing the ruling party are adamant that their party will scale to victory come 2018.

Crisis riddled societies like ours should naturally be mobilized for the ballot to direct politicians on the Zimbabwe that they want rather than the disenfranchisement on the part of the urban dwellers and continued disillusionment for the bulk of the rural constituencies.The majority of the urbanites are tired of routine politics, led by career opposition leaders and wait for a change to the political narrative and scope of societal configuration.

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Customer Experience & its challenges

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By Tabani Moyo

A couple of weeks ago I received overwhelming responses, the bulk of which called upon this platform to further define the subject of customer experience and why it has become a buzz word in 21st century brand management. It then occurred to me that I had taken it for granted that the concept is now universally understood and accepted as the bloodline for brand sustainable existence.

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Strong brand culture & Agility!


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By Tabani Moyo

I was presently surprised with the speed with which OK and Bon Marche stores respectively moved in embracing new technologies in the cutthroat retail industry. I must honestly confess, I did not expect the stores which belong to the OK Zimbabwe Group to lead in this front in the presence of the ‘big brother’ Pick n Pay which has over the short space of time differentiated itself through creating an experience ecosystem around the customer.

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Strategy & brand management!

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By Tabani Moyo

Steward Bank, the subsidiary company of Econet Wireless has been grappling to contain its stakeholders’ anger over its failed banking systems, which have seen delays in real time gross settlement (RTGS). Its social media platforms are clogged with complaints that the bank has failed to live up to its payoff line, “everyday banking for everyday people”. Infuriated customers on its social media platforms had no kind words with some of them reminding the customer relations team that the ‘purple experience has turned grey’ as they referred to its purple corporate colours and subsequent shortcomings.

After months of failed effort to contain the stakeholders’ anger, the bank announced on the 29th of May 2017 that it had restructured its ICT department to address the systems failure. So bad was the system failure that money transfers that under normal circumstances take 24 hours would go up to 14 days hanging in the balance.

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Brands with a Cause!


By Tabani Moyo

Though the difference between social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility is thin and blurred, it is however crucial to attempt and separate the two. For the purpose of this article, the difference shall revolve around the word impact. If the company considers impact before profits or the bottom line, then it’s a social enterprise. On the other end, if a corporate considers profitability or the bottom line first before registering impact in its environment, it will highly be concerned with regulating its operations and ensuring that they do not harm the society, which anchors its existence. That entity is employing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


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A strong online brand culture!


By Tabani Moyo

My heart bleeds every time I see brands, both small and big failing to understand the dynamics at play as they grapple with communicating their brand’s storyline, especially on social media. This plays out in the Zimbabwean contest mainly because the entire management will be hinged on the nuts and bolts of yesteryear when communication was a monologue enterprise. Sadly, when some of the brands attempt to compete online, they simply export the offline mindset and maintain the business as usual approach.

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